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Our Policies

Weather & Scheduling Policy

Predicting New England weather is very challenging. We will make our best effort to send out a final decision notification at least 1 hour before your game is played. Unless otherwise notified, please assume the game will continue as scheduled.

In addition, there may be a field issue or a state/city requirement that may prevent us from playing. Unfortunately, we're unable to control either the weather or the unforseen field/city requirements. In the event of a rainout or unforseen city/state cancellation, we'll do our best to reschedule your game at a later date in the season. However given field space availability, we can't guarantee we will be able to reschedule multiple rain outs. Please note that the rescheduled game may be on a different day of the week / different field.
Refund Policy

Please note that we do not offer refunds given our limited capacity and the scheduling/planning requirements.

However, in the unlikely event that a league is cancelled due to a lack of registered players or issues with the location, players will be issued a full refund.

Refunds are not given due to a player's non-participation in the league. For team registrations over $500, we are able to offer a refund for the team registration amount over $500 if requested at least 2 weeks before the league start date.

We reserve the right to make scheduling adjustments before and during the season.
Substitution Policy

Please note that non-registered players are not allowed to participate. Participation is limited to registered players only.

However, substitutions of registered players from other teams is allowed during non-playoff games and heavily encouraged!
Sportsmanship Policy

Good sportsmanship is crucial to the success of our organization and safety of our players. We require all participants to adhere to the following policy:

Play safely:  To minimize the risk of injury, please take care to not put yourself or others in harm's way. Reckless or unsafe behavior is not permitted.

Respect others: We expect all customers to treat each other and our staff with respect and kindness, regardless of differences in ability, age, gender, race, or background. Harassment or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

We reserve the right to remove players from the league who fail to adhere to our policy at any time.
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